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Who Are WE

Scripteez formally known as "Sassie Sexie Teez" was launched in the Spring of 2003 with edgy statement t-shirts like "You don't know my name but your boyfriend does, to "Life is like an eraser if nothing changes nothing changes."  While the demand was in for more of the edgy designs the founder Lanier Logan had evolved faster than the demand and so did the vision for the t-shirt line.  The new objective was to focus more on self-expression an impactful statements of purpose that would stimulate thought and inspire action with creative stylish designs.  

We have always been infatuated with the combination of self-expression, self-love and the freedom of style and speech.  The idea that any individual is the author of their own life ended with a name change to Scripteez during the late summer of 2012.  

Change makers have always been our core audience.  They have become more assertive and creative in expressing their views visually and verbally.  It has become apparent that Scripteez made the right move with forward thinking, politically charged slogans such as "I love my gay neighbor," to "Execute Justice not People."

Scripteez is back with a line that speaks louder than words, so instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear your opinion's on your Teez! 


Our passion is self-expression and our vehicle is fashion.  Don't be afraid to wear what everyone else is too shy to say-the ultimate testament to true confidence.  Do it for the Love of Culture, Ambition, Style & Legacy. 

*Let your wardrobe speak for itself*

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